Monday, January 29, 2007

# Thing 10 : Image Generator

It's fun to play with image generators. I chose my image at ImageChef - Create custom images

I think it is good to use Image generators or Text generators when we make flyers for library event such as storytime or booksale.
You can have fun with comic strip generator

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

# 9 Thing : Useful Library related blogs and Newsfeeds is the easiest site for me to search. First of all, the out feature is well organized, and looks good. Also, it provides Recent Comments so that I can know what the hot issue is recently and read it. Technorati is more confusing for me. The font is too small and feature is not authentic.

I’m still familiar surfing through Internet search engines such as yahoo, google, or other web sites than RSS feeds. I noticed most RSS feed are boring to read due to lack of graphics. I rather read articles with graphics because I can understand better. But I agree that RSS feeds is more convenient for busy people.

I found a interesting blog through bloglines search tool.
This blog is made by librarians who work for's "Librarns By Request" service.

# Thing 8 : RSS Feeds and Bloglines

Too many information and technology are out there!! I need to catch my breath and catch up to so many new things. Even though it’s little hard for me, I know I want to continue it. Actually, I feel really good learning about new technology that I never tried to know about until Learning2.0.

I usually don’t surf the news through websites. I randomly surf topics which interests me that day. Because of this, I don’t have favorite topics or sites to visit often. RSS is a really good technology if you surf news or topics regularly. But for me, um… it’s okay. I signed in bloglines anyway.

To add feeds is like adding favorites to my computer. I saved my bank and credit cards' websites or other web sites I visted from time to time. So whenever I want to visit the websites I can simply click and surf. I add my feeds in San Jose Mercury News and Reader’s Club new review. I’m sure I will use bloglines more frequently to read these.

At first, I couldn't add my feed of bloglines to my blog. Mine has different feature from the example of Learning 2.0. In my bloglines, I could't find “share” tap. I struggled for hours to figure out where the "share" tap was. Then finally I recognized the feature was changed, and the "share" is the bottom line of "addtional feature." I believe I'm not the only one who was confused in search of the "share" tap.

Thanks Anna for helping me to add bloglines' feeds to my blog!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

# Thing 7: Technology advancement

I have used Google Talk to communicate with my friends and family who live in another country. It's a good way to save my long distance phone bill. And I learned about Skype through Learning 2.0. Skype is more advanced than Google Talk. You can actually talk with your friends, and if you have a web cam, you can talk with them face to face. It's really cool.

Another technology I use everyday is Winamp. I download my favorite songs or lectures I want and listen to then with Winamp and I turn it on whenever I want to. Also I carry music in my mp3 player.

Friday, January 19, 2007

# Thing 5 :Flickr

wulsan rock
Originally uploaded by jckook.

This picture was taken last summer in Korea by my son. It looks like a mountain but actually this is one big rock!!. This rock is located northern part of South Korea at Mt. Sorak.

# Thing 2 : Seven and ½ Habits

I like to learn new things and pretty much have the life long learning habits. Among the Seven and ½ Habits, I am strong in Habit 3: “View problems as challenge.” I try to view my problems as good opportunity to learn something. I don’t like to just give up without trying something when I have a problem. And I like to bet with myself to see who is going to win; the problems or myself?

Whenever I struggle with a problem, I have a habit of picturing that I would be an expert in the field of this problem. I still remember my first typing class 30years back. It was so difficult to find a key, and it took a long time for me to type a single sentence. I didn’t feel like continuing with the class, and almost gave up learning to type. But I imagined myself as a person who types really fast and well as if a pianist playing a piano. This motivated me to keep going to the class and I earned my certificate.

However, I’m not good at the last habit, “Play.” When I learn a new thing, I tend to take it too seriously. Because of this, I usually can’t enjoy the process of learning. Sometimes, I’m so busy trying to be an expert and locked to see the result for learning new things. This is a “habit” I need to practice when I am learning new things.

Actually, blogging is a challenge for me. As you know, because English is not my first language, posting something in English is a big challenge for me. But I take this problem as a good opportunity to improve my writing skill during this learning period. Who knows? When I finish this Learning 2.0 program, I could become a good writer in English. We will find out.

And I will practice the last habit by trying to enjoy learning how to blog at this time.

# Thing 1: Getting start a blogging

When I heard we were going to have a lesson about blogging, I was excited. It seemed every young people have their own space on the web and put all the interesting things there. I, myself, sometimes read and enjoyed them what they post on their spaces. So, I was very interested about blogging, and I was so curious how they posted them. Also, I wished I could do like they did. However, I never thought the time would really come. I became a blogger and I have my own blog. It’s an exciting experience.

This experience made me feel good because I feel like I’m in the same world that my son gets into all day (I have a teenage son, and you know how crazy the boys get when they use the internet!). The fact that I know about this and can use blog gives me some degree of relief. Because, at least, I have a clue what the youngsters like my son indulge.